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Sage & Thistle Urban Garden

A bee sits in small Orange Calendula flowers blooming amidst green foliage

One of the things that makes Sage & Thistle unique in the world of soap-makers is that we grow many of the botanicals we use in our natural, handmade products right in our own pesticide-free garden in the heart of Toronto! Our garden is small but sunny -- and full to the brim with all types of herbs, medicinal plants and edible foods! We never use pesticides or harmful chemicals; instead, we prefer to cultivate and participate in a diverse ecosystem, welcoming all manner of beneficial critters into the garden, and we grow using chemical-free soil, natural and homemade soil-boosters and compost fertilizers, and source non-GMO, organic, and local plants and seeds from local growers and other pesticide-free gardens in our area. While we are not certified, our garden - and the beautiful botanicals that make their way into our beloved products - are grown using organic practices. We grow many flowers and herbs including several varieties of Sage, Elderflowers, Calendula, Chamomile, many types of Mint, Marshamallows, Mugworts and other Artemesias, and many many more. 

What we cannot grow, we try to forage, always responsibly and from clean spaces. Our favorite place to forage is North of Toronto in the Boreal Shield forests, where we find and respectfully gather botanicals like spruce, pine, heal-all, goldenrod, cedar, fireweed, and other beneficial plants. We never take more than we need, and always leave plants if plant populations are too low to sustain harvesting. 

 We love working in and with nature to bring you the best natural products, and we know you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing where our ingredients come from!

roses and chamomile flowers surround a round, natural, yellow-colored salve