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Custom & Private Label

Custom & Private Label Product Creation
Sage & Thistle Handmade Goods is pleased to offer a range of Custom and Private Label product creation for your business, spa, B&B, farm, home, or special event! Using all-natural, safe and ethically-sourced raw materials, we work with folks to create artisanal soaps and other natural body care products tailored to fit the style and personality of each business, family, or event. We consult with clients on everything including ingredients, product design and packaging. Each custom product is handmade with care and the highest-quality ingredients, from base oils and butters to hand-picked botanicals from your farm or garden!
Please send Mikael a message at to start a creative conversation!
Please note, our artisanal soaps take a minimum of 6 weeks for design, cutting and curing before they are ready for use or resale.